VORTEX HOLIDAY DEAL Dec.1st - Dec.28th

Introducing Promotion
Everything Buy 1 get 1 FREE

What ever treatment you have purchased our retail price. You or your friend receive exactly the same treatment.
Here is the Example :
For Aging Skin - One for me, and One for MOM
Suggested Treatment = The High Focused Ultrasound SMAS Facial Muscle Lifting and Skin Tightening (110min)
Reg $1499 for Eye, Forehead, Craws feet , Temple, Hair Line and Side burn to get Younger look back → Your spouse, friend, mother and any person receiving same Treatment :) YES! whole $1499 worth The same treatment for your special person for FREE!!!


If you want get rid of stubborn fat at your Abs, Love Handles Bra line, Frank, and Inner Thigh
VORTEX HIFU LIPO Non Invasive Fat loss
is the best solution. IF you are willing to reduce 2inch total from your both legs, we can give you Inner Fat Bursting Melting Deep Ultrasound Technology to say good bye to both Fat and Cellulite. The approx. 1 area Price is $1000-1500 till your goal. include 2 Treatment.... Yes completely another the same Treatment for FREE!!
So you can use it for your Inner Thigh and Outer Thigh or Using front tummy for you and  another treatment for your Hubby if you want.

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